These standards are established by the Library Board in accordance with the provisions of the Virginia Public Records Act, Chapter 7 These standards apply to all records generated on computer-output microfilm COM that have been appraised as archival, having administrative, legal, fiscal or historical value as defined in Such determinations are included in the officially approved retention and disposition schedules.

computer output microfilm in hindi

When such archival records are to be maintained on microfilm, the silver master is to be considered the permanent archival security copy. Thermally processed film shall not be used unless a wet processed silver master copy is generated and preserved as the archival microfilm. The silver master shall not be used for reference purposes and shall be inspected and approved by the user to meet this standard.

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Film not meeting this standard or the "Guidelines" will be returned to the Office of origin. The film stock used to make permanent archival security photographic or microphotographic copies of public records shall be safety-based permanent record film as specified in American National Standards Institute Imaging Media Film Silver-Gelatin type Specifications for Stability.

Microimages, including the generation intended for use, shall contain all the significant record detail of the database, and shall be easily read and reproduced. Microimages of the records shall be arranged, identified and indexed so that any component of the records can be located with reasonable ease.

All densities shall be consistent throughout the microform. The background density on negative appearing original silver masters shall meet or exceed 1. Background density on positive appearing silver masters shall be no greater than 0. Measurements are made using a densitometer properly calibrated from a step tablet. Each microfilm shall have eye readable titling. This titling shall include the office of origin, record series, inclusive information, date of filming and sequential numbering of the microforms.

Processing must be either conventional or full reversal, utilizing a developer and fixer. Processors shall be certified by the manufacturer as capable of producing archival quality processed film and meet Methylene Blue requirements as stated in ANSI IT9.

Certification for archival quality processing shall be based upon the Methylene Blue test analysis. Processed microfilm must have an optimum concentration of greater than zero but shall not exceed.

Film processed in-house shall be tested and certified once every two weeks or as deemed necessary by the Imaging Services Branch, The Library of Virginia.Sir aapse ek question ka answer chahiye os ek application hai lekin aisha kya hai jb new system ghar leke aate window 8 dukandar se dalwate koi simple differentiation nhi hai jo jldi concept smj aaye life example pe depend krta ho.

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This topic in File Management are: 1. File system Architecture 2.Read Also — What is Software and explain type of software. Read Also — What is Internet in Hindi. Jitni mujhe jankari hai — com ya puter to bs short naam hai computer ko bolne ke liye enka specific koi meaning nahi lakin phir bhi english countries mai puter ko log computer ke naam ki jagah bahut bolte hai …. Meri jankaari ke hisab se com ya puter to bs short naam hai computer ko bolne ke liye enka specific koi meaning nahi lakin phir bhi english countries mai puter ko log computer ke naam ki jagah bahut bolte hai ….

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Amit Saxena September 4, Saurabh kumar September 8, Computer output microfilm is the product of copying information from electronic media onto microfilm. COM technology, with a history that dates back to the first patent for microphotography inhas been used for document and newspaper archival since the s.

And, with the advent of the personal computer, computer-produced microforms are becoming more popular for non-library use, such as storing catalogs and patient records.

An important advantage to using computer output microfilm for document archival is its storage capacity. The Indiana Commission on Public Records states that a single microfiche card can hold images, and a 1-cubic-foot storage box, containing 6, cards, can hold 1, images.

The commission concluded that if each of these images were to be printed on a single sheet of paper, their storage would require boxes, as each would only hold 3, pages.

In addition to increased storage efficiency, the commission found that newer COM technology offers superior image quality at a cost that is comparable to that of paper printing. If their per-sheet cost of printing a black-and-white document on standard-sized paper from a centralized printer is 3 cents, the same document could be produced on COM microfiche for 0.

These figures do not include the additional cost reduction from savings on storage space. Home World View. What Are the Basic Functions of a Computer? What Are Removable Storage Devices?What is computer output microfilm or microfiche?

computer output microfilm (COM)

And what does an archive writer have to do with it? If you have heard about them before, we are sure this article will be of interest. If you are working in this industry, even better. Computer output microfilm or microfiche, as it is called, is a method of creating microfilm using data from a computer.

The machine that does this is an archive writer. The machine featured a high intensity led bar and a special microfilm cartridge. The way in which the led bar light up was the way in which the microfilm was written. There are also archive writers that write other types of microform, such as microfiche writers. This is how the major microfilm and microfiche archives were created. And they are still written in the same way today. With the evolution of technology, we now have different manufacturers that build such microfilm writers.

It is what we call today COM machines, more exactly computer output on microfilm or microfiche. As we mention above, there are different types of archive writing machines. They can be run at different speeds, can write 16mm or 35mm microfilm, or can write the microfilm and microfiche in bitonal and grayscale.

Computer to output microfilm machines usually ran on 35mm microfilm. With the evolution of microfilm technology, we have to to the point in which manufacturers understood that most documents are A3 and A4. Such is this, that the market almost totally shifted to archive writers for 16mm microfilm. Kodak was the first to launch an archive writer.

कंप्यूटर के आउटपुट डिवाइस – What Is Output Devices In Hindi

The model in question was the Kodak Document Archive Writerwhich was a double roll 16mm microfilm writer.Microfilm is an analog storage medium using film reels which are exposed and developed into photographic records using a photographic process. It is typically used to store paper documents such as periodicals, legal documents, books and engineering drawings.

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It is compact in nature, is low cost to produce and store and requires far smaller storage space than paper documents. Therefore, it is considered to be a good archival form.

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Viewing microfilm requires microfilm readers, which are simple devices consisting of a light source and magnification. Microfilm can be converted into an electronic format so as to be computer accessible. There are different types of microfilm, such as silver gelatin film, vesicular film and diazo film.

Silver gelatin film is used for records which need to be kept permanently or for high-quality images.

computer output microfilm in hindi

Vesicular film and diazo film are highly sensitive to high humidity or temperature. Microfilm is considered best for records which are accessed less frequently, but are still necessary to retain. There are many advantages associated with the use of microfilm. Compared to traditional film, it is much stronger and more reliable. Less breakage is associated with microfilm. It is considered a good standardized image storage medium and is used for long-term storage needs. Cost of maintenance is lower than digital images, and microfilm meets recognized archival standards.

computer output microfilm in hindi

Toggle navigation Menu. Home Dictionary Tags Storage. Definition - What does Microfilm mean? Techopedia explains Microfilm Viewing microfilm requires microfilm readers, which are simple devices consisting of a light source and magnification. Today, digital document storage is generally preferred over microfilm, as the stored contents are more accessible and distributable and are immune to any physical damage.

Share this:. Related Terms. Related Articles. How Cryptomining Malware is Dominating Cybersecurity. How can I set up cloud storage?

computer output microfilm in hindi

What is the difference between a NoSQL database and a traditional database management system? What does partitioning mean in regards to a database? More of your questions answered by our Experts. Related Tags. Storage History of Technology. Machine Learning and Why It Matters:. Latest Articles.Technical Background. The abbreviation COM is varyingly used to describe computer output microform,computer output to microfiche, and computer output microfilm depending on the context.

In this context COM is used to denote computer output microfilm. Company Profile. Significance and Purpose. Computer Output Microfilm is the process for transferring data from electronic media stored on computers to 16mm microfilm or microfiche.

Computer Output Microfilm is used a solution for large organizations that want to see a reduction of paper. It also provides away to preserve records for archival purposes. Computer Output Microfilm and COM fiche can be converted to digital image via microfiche scanning, a service that Generation Imaging offers.

Digital images save even more space and takes COM systems to the next level, sort to speak. Converting Computer Output Microfilm to digital image is useful for organizations who need:. Conceptual Development and Implementation. Quality Attributes. To do this, Generation Imaging makes use of top of the line microfilm conversion equipmentcapable of producing optimum quality images at top speed.

In addition, we are in a position to produce any kind of image file format at varied resolution. The film type to be used for good quality, preservation microfilming is silver halide emulsion on a polyester base.

Advantages of silver halide film include:. Polyester based film is recommended due to its:. Improved performance in a uniprocessor multi-programmed environment. A complete range of microfilm equipment including computer output microfilmer, DIAZO duplicating equipment, precision microfilming equipment and step and repeat microfiche camera. Microfilm in general fulfils all the above mentioned criteria, particularly when properly stored.

Furthermore, our COM service plots digitised documents of any kind at a fold miniaturisation in relation to their area on microfilm, and apart from simple document presentation, a machine readable index via OCR can be imaged as well to facilitate discovery and asset management.

Possible Problems.