Set park brake. Turn the key on. Turn the cruise on. Turn the cruise off. Very rapidly push the resume switch four times and then hold down on the fifth time for four seconds. The "Change Oil" message should clear from the odometer window. Can't Find Your Part?

Just because it's not listed, doesn't mean we don't have it. Click The Help Button. Thanks for the quick shipment, speedy core charge return, and email notifications. Stand up company. The injector for my 6. My next injectors will will be ordered from HNC. Thanks, Ryan. The part came in very fast, good quality and I haven't had any customer complaints.

If I need something in the future I will definitely use your website again. Definitely very satisfied!!!!! I called before I placed the online order your counter guy was very helpful!!!!

I will check first with you before I ever order from the dealer or anybody else. I'm a napa jobber and I will spread the word to as many other jobbers as I can. Thanks for your help. See More Testimonials. If you are entering an International Truck part number, do not enter any characters that appear after the alphabetical character example: C92 enter C. Shop With Confidence!

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The operation from the time the cruise is turned on for the second time to the fifth activation of the resume switch must take place within six seconds. If you fail to reset the message then repeat the process.

Parts Help.

Goodbye Maxxforce

Shipping locations and shipping method are based on customers location and the parts availability in any given warehouse, and what will get it to you fastest We will ship USPS Flat Rate to Alaska and Hawaii. Please contact us for ordering. Your Cart. Shop Truck Parts. Air System Parts. Drivetrain and Engine Parts. Cummins Engine Parts.

EGR Valves and Coolers. Ford Powerstroke Engine Parts.On September 27,Navistar announced that it was dropping its MaxxForce liter heavy-duty diesel engine in favor of the Cummins ISX15, and that its liter heavy-duty diesel engine would continue to be built but would utilize selective catalyst reduction SCR technology instead of its, once prominent, exhaust gas recirculation-only EGR engine.

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This was a huge reversal in Navistar's stance. InNavistar made the decision to go its own way on diesel exhaust emissions dealing with nitrogen oxide strictly in its engines' cylinders, and resisting the use of Urea Injection, the active component of selective catalytic reduction. SCR is what all its competitors in North America and most others around the world had chosen, even though it added weight and bulk to a truck.

Navistar's EGR never met the standards set by the U. Sinceuntil this point, Navistar had been using stockpiled emission credits, fromto meet the EPA's emissions requirements on all the trucks that it had been selling. Ironically, Navistar had been publicly criticizing all SCR technology for the past several years.

Admittedly, Navistar's EGR emissions technology did not work correctly. Unfortunately though, for those trucking companies who purchased trucks with MaxxForce engine this changed technology occurred too late. During as Navistar tried to "perfect" its EGR only technology, many trucking companies with MaxxForce powered units experienced repeated breakdowns and engine failures, many of which were related to the EGR system.

Not surprisingly, Navistar's International trucks and MaxxForce engines experienced numerous recalls and dozens of service bulletins during this time including to the EGR system. These problems led to increased breakdowns, downtime, repair costs, and lost profits for the companies operating the trucks. These problems continue to this day for many companies. In addition, the repeated problems with the MaxxForce powered trucks negatively affected companies' ability to trade-in or resale the trucks for reasonable market values because of the trucks' poor service history and reputation.

Navistar/MaxxForce Engine Overview

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maxxforce 13 check engine reset

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2013 international prostar maxxforce engine shuts off during travel with minimal warning.?

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Retrieving Codes on International ProStar. Thread starter Injun Start date Jul 20, Tags international prostar. Injun Rabid Squaw Staff member. Turn the key into the on position without starting the engine. Press both the Cruise On and Cruise Resume buttons at the same time.

The dash will light up and codes will appear in the little readout screen in the bottom center of the dash. Scroll through the codes with the mode selection button on the dash.

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The codes will scroll through themselves, but if you miss one, you can manually scroll back through them as many times as you need to.

Active codes will show before inactive. There will be a notation of this in the code screen. This is mighty helpful information to give the tech. You can get an idea what's going on and whether it would be advisable to drive the truck to a repair shop or whether a tow will be needed.

This can save you a lot of money. More on that in a different thread. I retrieved my codes and they are still scanning. How do I go back to my blank screen? Turn the key off and then back on. You must log in or register to reply here. Latest posts. Latest: Mike 3 minutes ago.

Coronavirus -Trucking related information. Freight Relocators - Our New Name and new domain - freightrelocators.Harrison Fire Senior Member. United States Posts. ModMech Top Member. USA Posts. Thomasbus24 Administrator. ICFrank Active Member. United States 27 Posts. BusAce12 Active Member. United States 24 Posts. The driver was asked to inform the S.

And to leave the switches on the right side panel alone. The Last Gasp- I'm go to Shut Down light, with beeper, Red Octagon with Excalmation Point made an appearance, but the coolant was slightly low, still above the lower sight glass.

Filled it to the top glass and no more light. The only time I saw it was the dash self test, when the key is stroked.

What really got me pumped was that this is also the light that warns of a plugged DPF.

maxxforce 13 check engine reset

Yep, it's ONLY an attention getter. Make SURE there is a "restriction fitting" in the deaeration hose from the EGR valve to the surge tank, if not, the low coolant light may show with the engine cold even when it's full.

maxxforce 13 check engine reset

The only times that I saw it was at startup, when the gauges sweep. Twas a RED Octagon outline of a stop sign with Excalmation Point in the center and annoying beeper that could be heard clearly over the 2 way. Since it was a nice day, I piloted low to the dealer. That thing will pass semi-trucks. Gave them the story and went to the parts counter to introduce myself and get 2 oil filters. After jawing I went back to service.

They had pulled the codes. Seems that by topping the coolant, I had cured the problem. Service manager said if it came back I might need the mentioned restrictor kit and that he would send me one, if I needed it.

Check Engine Light On - Time to go Home

Looks like I need it, as per recomomendations. Thanks Techs. This was the best I could do on short notice for a dash pix.Once logged in and you have uploaded your resume, it takes only a single click to bookmark any type of our content. Bookmark this Unfortunately you need to be logged-in to use bookmark system. Login Register. So the first steps are simple like checking for obvious problems with the fuel injection and air intake system.

The fuel filters and air filter are exactly where you want to start. Totally acceptable but for the few or more who don't check the simple things first this is for you. I'm saying this with a smile on my face by the way. Recently I talked to one of the dealer techs and he told me about the soot build up that actually slows down turbo rpms causing a loss of power. The main cause of this is a plugged up engine crankcase breather. A service kit is available for the MaxxForce DT diesel engines that allows mechanics to disassemble the low pressure and high pressure turbocharger on the compressor side intake and remove the soot buildup.

One tip I caught wind of was to check the crankcase breather with a stethoscope you can hear the internal breather wheel turning after the engine is shut down. This indicates the breather is still operational. The kit has o-rings and clamps along with a carb cleaner spray that helps to loosen the soot off of the compressor wheel. I recommend Kleen Flo which works great with a soft brush.

Even an old tooth brush works. Once you see how bad the soot and carbon build up is you'll understand clearly why there is a loss of power.

This build up actually slows down the turbocharger and causes sluggish launches and poor performance under load with no codes showing up. The Photo below shows the soot build up before cleaning. Any kind of carb cleaner spray works well.

Click on the photo to enlarge it to get a better idea how much of the soot collects on the compressor wheel. The turbo piping has to be removed from the compressor side along with the connections to the engine crankcase breather. Once the 2 housing are removed the clean up can be done easily.At least the larger bore models for class 8 semis. The debacle with Maxxforce EGR engines has costed the company millions while decreasing market share.

But yet the pain still lingers. Maxxforce engines were supposed to free International from the hassles of dealing with outside suppliers. Building engines in house make sense as the profits stay in house. If you make your own engines you are not at the mercy of an outside vendor who can idle your production lines when they experience problems of their own.

This integrated production should allow you to move trucks out the door at a quick pace. With industry backlog at record highs this could lead to an increase in market share. Warranty costs relating to Maxxforce EGR spiraled while reliability plummeted. Class action lawsuits are now starting. Once you lose a customer you have to work very hard to get them back.

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So what do you do? Time for a rebranding. Are they really new? No, they are not. Based on the video below I think they are the same Maxxforce engines as before but this time using SCR from the factory.

We shall see. No banners unfurling. No outrages promises have been made. The engines have quietly arrived on the scene hopefully ready to work. As an unabashed International supporter I hope they can pull this off.

Below is a video of engine manufacturing relating to the new N9 and N It reminded me to much of the time Homer Simpson changed his name to Max Power, a name he mooched from a hair dryer of all places. If I remember correctly, International had the same problems when they introduced the V engine back in the s.

Yeah sure they are under powered and slow but they do the job well and reliably. They both are fairly low mileage at miles but they both seem like they will have long lives ahead of them.Discussion in ' International Forum ' started by ThomasSep 19, Log in or Sign up.

Find Trucking Jobs. Sep 19, 1. I drive a 09 prostar. Today out of the blue my engine stop light and buzzer came on a couple times. ThomasSep 19, Yes, let employers and TruckersReport text me with new opportunities, job alerts and other career information to the number I provided. There is no charge for this service, but standard message and data rates may apply.

Sep 19, 2. Were you overheating? Sep 19, 3. Sep 19, 4. DutchSep 19, Sep 20, 5. ThomasSep 20, Sep 21, 6. Stop Engine light will come on for more serious problems. Such as low oil pressure, high temps and at level 4 regen. Probably just a glitch. Keep an eye on your fluids and hammer down. HeavydSep 21, Sep 21, 7. ThomasSep 21, Apr 11, 8.

Have a international pro star have this truck having normal oil and coolant levels. SinanyaneApr 11, Apr 11, 9.

Navistar/MaxxForce Engine Overview

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